Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Heartwood Appreciation Society at Crick, Penny and Mick were showing people over Intrepid when this photograph was taken.

Crick show from the Millenium Woods .

The twins meet on the cut for the first time since their removal from Blisworth.

The crowds at Crick 09 looking at Intrepid the boat removed from Blisworth the same time as The Maisibert.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

As we passed through Rugby we saw paintings in side the bridge holes instead of the usual graffiti

As we travelled back the lighting in the Newbold tunnel was on.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

How much would you have to pay to have a house with a view like this.

Cassie enjoying her walk on the tow path on the Oxford Canal.

Cassie wanting to get on some body elses boat.

The Maisibert at All Oaks Wood.

We are currently moored in All Oaks Wood just outside Rugby.

This is the Hartshill B.W. yard showing the blacksmiths workshop.

We moored at the water point at Hartshill and was lucky to be able to talk to the owner of the Toll house Pictured,

The house is built on a tunnel in the late 17 century where the boats passed through to pay their tolls

The house is currently owned by a musician and use part of the house as a rehearsal room.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Today we thought we saw another Toller on the cut.

Her name is Tess and came from a rescue centre in Durham, she has the characteristics of a Toller

We have turned around at Fazeley Junction and sitting at the top lock Atherstone.

This picture is taken from the back of The Maisibert whilst travelling up the locks at Atherstone.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Cassie and I take time out on canal side just before I re paint some battle scars on the boat.

We have spent the last couple days moored at Fazeley Junction.

We start a slow journey back to meet with friends at the Crick show.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hail stones causing bubbles on the cut

Edwards restaurant at Crick as we moored opposite the water point.

Cassie on lookout duty.

Cassie believes in safety first and wears her life jacket.

Hilary setting the locks so we can continue the journey up the locks

We sit mid flight at Foxton locks awaiting our turn to complete our journey up the locks.

This photograph is showing Union Quay at night.

This is Union Quay at Market Harborough showing the the empty resturant building and some Canal Time boats on their moorings.
It is now five weeks since returning from our journey from Australia and four weeks since moving on to The Maisibert.

We have spent the last four weeks squeezing in the last few items into their respective storage space with the help of the Velcro,spring clips and hooks.

We travelled from the marina and spent a few days at Weedon before we set of to Market Harborough with the help of Claire,Craig and Matt on the Easter Weekend who made it their target to get us there whilst I shuffled the car.

After spending a few days at Union Quay looking around this wonderful market town we made the return journey to Norton Junction where this weekend our friends Dave and Sue came up and assisted us in getting the boat to Atherstone locks were we are presently moored between locks 5 and 6.

Cassie was very subdued her first few weeks back on the boat as we think she missed Meg and all her friends at Helen's but has now got used to being the ships dog.
Her first birthday is on Thursday and we wish Cassie, her brother and sisters a happy birthday.

I will post some pictures of our trip,Cassie and promise to update the blog site on a regular basis.